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Bluff Creek

“Bluff Creek” is the coming-of-age story of a young sasquatch named Shadow banished from his hidden, insular world in the Pacific Northwest who wanders east across America, and the adventures he has and lessons he learns from the many diverse species of wildlife he encounters along the way. By Jordan Lowe, Jared Lowe, and Ansley Mcdaniel

Comic Books

The Impossible Family

From the Golden Age until today, they’ve always been there for us and for each other. Although the next generation may struggle to live up to the legends of yesteryear, this multi-generational group of heroes are more than a team. They’re the Impossible Family. By Michael K. Easton, Kristy Easton and Jordan Lowe.

Victims and Villains Podcast

Thanks to the fine folks at Victims and Villains for having us on their podcast! (Jordan and Michael can be heard around the 14 minute mark talking So Pro Comics.)

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Wish Upon A Feather #1 One-Shot On Sale

After a successful debut at last weekend’s Mothman Festival, our latest book “Wish Upon a Feather” is now available at our hometown comic shop, Asylum Comics!(But don’t worry if you

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Wish Upon A Feather Debut

So Pro is excited to debut “Wish Upon a Feather” for the first time anywhere next weekend September 21-22 at the Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV!Written by Jordan Lowe

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