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Bluff Creek #1 Online Edition

You can now read issue #1 of "Bluff Creek" online for FREE! The story of Shadow, a young bigfoot discovering the dangers of the world outside his close-knit community, is co-written by Jordan Lowe and Jared Lowe and features the art of Ansley McDaniel of Art by Anz.
(Recommended for readers 10+ due to some mild violence and mature themes.)

Bert and Woodrow's Last Adventure #1 Online Edition

Our next FREE web comic is "Bert and Woodrow's Last Adventure," about a duo of doomsday preppers who finally get a chance to shine when the end-times come calling. It is written by Jordan Lowe, penciled by Zach Brooker and colored by Kristy Easton.
(The story is all-ages, but contains cartoony zombie violence.) Click Here >>


So Pro Showcase #1 Online Edition

So Pro Comics will be putting our entire all-ages library up online to read for free over the next week. Up first, a one-shot for young readers about sibling superheroes saving a haywire science fair, written by Jordan Lowe and illustrated by Derek R. Croston of Method Comix!
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