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The Impossible Family #1 Online Edition

For New Readers and Fans, You can now read The Impossible Family #1 for FREE. From the Golden Age until today, they've always been there for us and for each other. Although the next generation may struggle to live up to the legends of yesteryear, this multi-generational group of heroes are more than a team. They're the Impossible Family. By Michael K. Easton, Kristy Easton and Jordan Lowe.  Click Here>>

Bluff Creek #1 Online Edition

You can now read issue #1 of "Bluff Creek" online for FREE! The story of Shadow, a young bigfoot discovering the dangers of the world outside his close-knit community, is co-written by Jordan Lowe and Jared Lowe and features the art of Ansley McDaniel of Art by Anz.
(Recommended for readers 10+ due to some mild violence and mature themes.)

Bert and Woodrow's Last Adventure #1 Online Edition

Our next FREE web comic is "Bert and Woodrow's Last Adventure," about a duo of doomsday preppers who finally get a chance to shine when the end-times come calling. It is written by Jordan Lowe, penciled by Zach Brooker and colored by Kristy Easton.
(The story is all-ages, but contains cartoony zombie violence.) Click Here >>


So Pro Showcase #1 Online Edition

So Pro Comics will be putting our entire all-ages library up online to read for free over the next week. Up first, a one-shot for young readers about sibling superheroes saving a haywire science fair, written by Jordan Lowe and illustrated by Derek R. Croston of Method Comix!
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