The 2018 Gem City Comic Con was one of the best weekends I’ve spent at a show. The Illustrious Michael K. Easton and I have been making comics together for more years than I want to count, but this con was the official debut of So Pro Comics, the publisher we co-founded with the intent of making the best all-ages content possible. I’ve traveled to several cryptozoology conferences with my bigfoot book “Bluff Creek” – drawn by the astonishing Ansley McDaniel – and been very well received. But we’ve never put these particular books in front of a comic con audience before.

Along with issues #1 and #2 of “Bluff Creek,” we premiered the next two titles in the line scripted by me, the body-swapping superhero adventure “Heroic 9.0,” with art by Mr. Easton and “Bert & Woodrow’s Last Adventure,” an end of the world comedy drawn by Zach Brooker, both colored by Kristy Easton. These are the first books we printed in-house using our own equipment, and they turned out looking incredible. Now it was time to get them out in front of the fans!

The Gem City attendees in Dayton, Ohio have always been indie friendly, and this year was no different. This is not one of those shows where the crowds avoid Artist Alley. There were shoppers from all walks of life and every age range, all smiling, interested and asking questions. But our favorite thing to see is the families, all sharing in whatever nerdy interest it is that brings them closer together with their kids.

We talked to hundreds of people, sold lots of books, made a few new comic creator friends and had a terrific time. We learned what sales pitch works best and what we need to improve before the next show. Michael and I spent all weekend throwing ideas back and forth, getting excited about what’s to come. So stay tuned, and see more new books from So Pro Comics next at 3 Rivers Comicon this May in Pittsburgh!